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Company profile
Make the surgery more accurate and make the patient healthier
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Innovative vision of fluorescence, enabling precision medicine
About Us
About Us
A guide to the post-precision medical era
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  • 01
    DPM was incubated in the Key Laboratory of Molecular Imaging at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Our research and development center is Beijing Digital Precision Medical Technology Co., Ltd. and our production base is Zhuhai Dipu Medical Technology Co., Ltd. We specialize in the development and prod...
  • 02
    Core honors
    Our products' core technology has been granted national special support, including the National 973 Program, the National Natural Science Foundation of China's major scientific research instrument project, and the Ministry of Science and Technology's nano project. Additionally, we have been honored ...
  • 03
    Production and R&D
    Our company's independently developed Super Eye, Intelligent Eye, and Wisdom Eye series, as well as our research products in the Near-Infrared-II region, are optical molecular imaging intraoperative navigation systems tailored for various surgical procedures. These devices boast high sensitivity, ex...
  • 04
    Quality management
    Our company has implemented a rigorous R&D management system, meticulous manufacturing processes, and stringent quality control standards. We are committed to continuous management transformations, upgrading our management information technology platform, and achieving highly efficient digital o...
  • 05
    After-sales service
    In accordance with the principle of "credibility and integrity as our top priority", our company guarantees the advancement, dependability, and stability of our equipment. We continuously strive to enhance the quality of our services, encompassing every aspect from the initial sale to post-sales del...
  • 06
    Our customers are always our top priority, and we believe that innovation is the key to success. We adhere to a people-oriented approach, striving to enhance surgical precision and improve patient health outcomes. As leaders in the post-precision medical era, we continuously drive industry trends an...
Contact Us
Contact Us
Never seen, fluorescent collar future
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  • Telephone

    400-9918-986 (Beijing)

    0756-7766577 (Zhuhai)

  • WebUrl
  • Address
    Beijing Digital Precision Medical Technology Co., Ltd
    Unit 201, 2nd Floor, Building 33, No. 99 Sci Tech 14th Street, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone
    Zhuhai Dipu Medical Technology Co., Ltd
    1st Floor, Building 13, GMP Production Workshop, Zhuhai International Health Port, No. 628 Airport West Road, Sanzao Town, Jinwan District, Zhuhai City
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